So here is the post for some of my geeky , maths loving frens…lik akhil, balki, satya.. n all who somwhw try to utilize most of their time to sharpen their maths knowlegde or to connect some maths hypothesis to their real life events… 😉 …Hopw this will help u…. 😉 ..

  • You fascinate me more than the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.
  • Since distance equals velocity times time, let’s let velocity or time approach infinity, because I want to go all the way with you.
  • My love for you is like a concave up function because it is always increasing.
  • You and I would add up better than a Riemann sum
  • Your body has the nicest arc length I’ve ever seen.
  • I wish I was your derivative because then I would be tangent to your curves.
  • I hope you know set theory because I want to intersect you and union you.
  • I am equivalent to the Empty Set when you are not with me.
  • I’m not being obtuse but you’re acute girl.
  • I won’t stop bugging you until I get the address of your home page.
  • I’ll love you from here to infinity.

PS. I wont take any repsonsibily of watsoever happens after u use these lines…bt its very funny imagining akhil n balki saying these lines… 😉 …


Women claim that computers should be referred to in the masculine
gender because:

1. In order to get their attention, you have to turn them on.

2. They have a lot of data, but are still clueless.

3. They are supposed to help you solve problems, but half the time they are the problem.

4. As soon as you commit to one, you realize that, if you had waited a little longer you could have had a better model.

Men concluded that computers should be referred to in the feminine
gender because:

1. No one but the Creator understands their internal logic.

2. The native language they use to communicate with other computers is incomprehensible to everyone else.

3. Even your smallest mistakes are stored in long-term memory for retrieval.

4. As soon as you make a commitment to one, you find yourself spending
half your paycheck on accessories for it.

What do u think… 😉 ..???


Sweet Memories..

This weekend was among the best times i have had in recent months…So whats the reason..??Just i was too happy to meet my family and talk to them, for like 5-6 straight hrs..late into the night…huh…it was really awesome..!!

Well..I stay in a hostel and usually dont get alot of time to talk with the family..besides both of my sisters work and they also dnt stay with my parents..so in all it takes ” God’s hand ” to put my family together in a small room just for a talk without any occation..bt this weekend it did happen..!! ( bt again it wasn’t that perfect of an incident…Dad wasn’t there..missed him a lot..)

It was amazing feeling..we talked abt our childhood..the best times we had..the little things we used to do to tease each other..actually my mom was very surprised on learning all our childhood mischieves..( it was expected..3 of us ( me n my sis) knew abt these things beforehand… )

And now as I’m writing this post I’m sitting in my cubicle….finding it hard to concentrate on the work..and the sng which pops in my mind is 

“Cause it’s a bittersweet symphony, this life
Try to make ends meet
You’re a slave to money then you die ”

Once somewhere i read, “Everything is figured out..except for how to live..”…i guess its true..n it varies with individual..bt one thing everyone should do..is just take some time out of their busy lives to remember the sweet memories..with their loved ones….!!

P.S. This is a bit personal post..dont mind..

Fading Memories…!!

” memories some times behave strangely..

sometimes they help u get through the lone time..

n sometimes they make u feel alone in the crowd of ur frens..”

How strange memory is..?? I mean sometimes I try to remember something from my childhood and i struggle..hw sad it is..I’m struggling to remember the times of my life when I was so happy, carefree, enjoying every bit of my life n so innocent…And nw realising that many of my memories are slowly and gradually fading out, I’m feeling way too bad..I used to think I could cherish those good times troughout my life..Bt nw I wonder if i can even recall which was my favourite toy..the one which would make me forget every ounce of grief n pain….

How does memory work..?? hw does it selects some events to take note of  and some to just forget ( in simply a way which make us feel that those things never happened..) the human race which has broken down an atom into different components n which is now aiming for setteling on mars, has still not found out the exact answer for the memory..well research is continuing into Brain n hw memory works..bt for nw its just turning up more questions than answers.. I found an interesting explanation while browsing net :

” Every thought or incident actually liberates some waves(analogous to light) and they will be travelling all the while in all the directions and (as in law of affinity,) when it reaches a mind with similar tastes or thoughts it will enter that and as u mentioned, they will leave a mark… ! Others just move away searching for other ..  ”

N imagine if u hav awesome memory…wouldn’t U be the perfect creature on the globe..??? well i would say…”think again..!!!!” 😉 .. even the “perfect memory ” status hurts…


For example, in 2000 Jill Price contacted brain researcher James McGaugh at the University of California, Irvine. According to an article in the Orange County Register she told McGaugh she wanted help with her memory.

“This is not a memory clinic”, the internationally renowned neuroscientist said.

“You don’t understand,” she said. “My memory is too strong … It’s like a running movie that never stops.”

“Most have called it a gift,’ she wrote to McGaugh. “But I call it a burden. I run my entire life through my head every day and it drives me crazy!!!”


Ms. Price has written about her experiences in the book :

Well…howsoever the memory works..I’m just sad realising the fact that i wont remember the turn of events which ones made an impression on my life..( just that they failed to do the same on my memory..  😦 ..) I guess in future i will try to recollect something and wat all i would get some of the glimpses of it..and then i will have to complete it with the help of my imagination..on the basis of some assumptions.. 😦 ..( i just hope the assumptions will turn out to be as valid as those taken by all the scientists long back to help us reach this modern world… ) or may be I would just give up on the fading memories…!!!

P.S. : I havent read the book…bt I get a chance I’ll definitely read..

S/w professionals…

S/W Professionals…………

class Indian_Bachelor_female_professional
double styles;
short skirts;
long time_to_understand_problems;
float mind;
void knowledge();
char non_co_operative;
class Married_female_Software_Professional
double weight;
short tempered;
long gossips;
float hopes;
void work();
char unstable;
class Female_Engaged_software_professional
double time_on_phone;
short attention_on_work;
long boast;
float on_cloud_nine;
void understanding();
char edgy;
class Indian_Newly_Married_software_professional
double dinner_invitations;
short time_at_work;
long lunch_breaks;
float talks;
void bank_balance();
char hen_pecked;
class Indian_husband_wife_software_professional
double income;
short temper;
long time_no_see;
float new_software_company;
void lov
Class Guy_who_put_this_here
Long time_pass;
Void work();

Well millions of people acroos the globe think abt “hw to spend ( or rather survive ) the entire day in office..” Now that I have joined as an intern in a company..I spend most of my office time browsing internet..dats where I stumbled upon the following two ways to survive the entire office day…


Normal way :


Mentos way :


Which way will u follow… 😉 .. ???

Dell’s Inspiron 1525 laptop has ” Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller” display controller..
u can see this by typing command:

lspci | grep Display

this display controller is black listed in compiz fusion..i have compiz-fusion installed on my laptop with UBUNTU gutsy-gibbon..and i couldn’t enable the effects..so what to do..??? I just modified ” /usr/bin/compiz ” to remove the blacklisting.. :)..

sudo gedit /usr/bin/compiz

there you can see a separate section for blacklist

1 : # blacklist based on the pci ids
2 : # See http://wiki.compiz-fusion.org/Hardware/Blacklist for details
3 : T=” 1002:5954 1002:5854 1002:5955″ # ati rs480
4 : T=”$T 1002:4153″ # ATI Rv350
5 : T=”$T 8086:2982 8086:2992 8086:29a2 8086:2a02 8086:2a12″ # intel 965
6 : T=”$T 8086:2972″ # i965 (x3000)
7 : T=”$T 1002:3152 1002:3150 1002:5462 1002:5653 ” # ati X300 X600,X600 X700
9 : unset T

( * the line numbers are not according to the file.. )

Now comment out the lines 5 and 6..and you are set..But fixing this breaks the video playback… 😦 ..temporary solution on playback recovery is changing gstreamer-properties..

press alt+F2 and type “gstreamer-properties” without quotes..
In the Video section change the “Default Output plugin” to “ no Xv “..

so it will recover the video playback but again its a temporary solution..